Why Grapes, Hops, and Plates?

Photo by Jason Nadler

Photo by Jason Nadler

When we started working out the details for North-Forks, we realized very early on that there had to be a limit to the scope of the site.  The question on hand was: to what?

Wine, Beer, Food.

Three things that the North Fork does well.  Three things where a group of friends can go to not only taste some local flavors but also create an experience, share some memories, and have a great time.

These are also three things we love.

Suddenly it all made sense.  We can blog about our experiences at the various wineries, breweries, and restaurants, but also talk about their upcoming events – especially those we look forward to attending!  We didn’t just want to say that there will be “Live music at such-n-such”, but let you know the name of the band, the type of music, and the hours, complete with links to that band’s website so you can get a sample and see for yourself that this is something you just have to do this weekend.

From special tastings, wine club information, special events, all the way to interviews of wine makers and staff, we wanted to make it easy for other people to find things to do.

Have an upcoming event that you want listed? Give me a shout!

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