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North Fork MapWe are talking about experiences and events on the North Fork of Long Island.  North-Forks is focused on the local wineries, breweries, and restaurants: Grapes, Hops, and Plates.

The idea for this all started while I was planning a weekend afternoon.  We were already going to a winery event and wanted to have things to do afterwards.  In the end I sourced four different websites, not including two local papers and a handful of emails and Facebook posts to complete our itinerary.  It frustrated me that there was no single website where I could access everything that was going on.  The longer I searched, the more I thought, “somebody should make this.”  I figured that somebody might as well be me.

I came up with a basic list of what I would want a site to provide and threw the idea around.  I discovered that my frustration was shared by a lot of people.

A friend said, “Who better than you? You live on the Fork and know a lot of the people in those industries, not to mention you love this stuff.”

“Heck,” I thought, “why let not knowing what I’m doing stop me?”  After all, it’s my was of supporting my local businesses, and have fun while doing it.

So here it is, a newborn site, complete with first post.  As I contact and visit the various businesses, North-Forks will grow, adding images and information, so keep coming back to check up on our progress.  I have a feeling that this site will become your go-to when planning an afternoon or weekend on the North Fork.

If you have an event or are interested in being featured, please contact us!

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