Weekend and a Monday in Greenport

To some people it might as well be Orient Point or England it seems so far away. To those of us in the know, Greenport is not only not that far, it is also worth any traffic that occurs in season.

Here at North-Forks, we initially thought we’d post about our weekend if we did something worthwhile.  This past week we welcomed the weekend by buying some cheese and baguettes at the Village Cheese Shop on Love Lane in Mattituck and melting into an outdoor couch at Lieb Cellars on Oregon Road in Cutchogue with a few glasses of wine. We added a little cold spicy corn soup from the North Fork Food Truck to the mix and dined on Lieb’s patio as the sun gently set over the grapes. And how can you call a day complete without a chocolate chip cookie, especially when they’re one of Claudia’s creation?

We’d like to talk about all the glamour of the North Fork, but on the weekend we stayed home and tended our lawn and gardens. As much as we’d like to say otherwise, it’s not all about playing.

On Monday, we extended the weekend by going to Greenport and attending First and South’s weekly Pig Roast, this week featuring wine by Macari Vineyards.

We’ve been to First and South several times, and always enjoy ourselves. They are committed to fresh foods, local whenever possible, and their menu ranges from standards to truly eclectic fare. First and South can be a little challenging to find – as its name suggests, it’s not on Main Street!  It’s only a few steps away, on South Street at the corner of First.

The crowd is a mix of locals, tourists, and industry (the people working in the tasting rooms). I stood in line, getting my fixings first: German potato salad, seasoned cauliflower, a slice ofFirst_and_South-20140811-59 watermelon and cantaloupe, and a piece of cornbread. Chef Taylor Knapp was careful as he carved the roast to ensure that each person got bits from all the succulent parts of the pig. He gave me a meaty rib, some shoulder, some rump, and a piece of skin, crispy like a potato chip. Dressing it with some gravy, I was on my way.

I sat with two employees from Raphael Vineyards and we talked about the food and the wine among other things.

Gibson from Macari was pouring a red and a rose, both chosen for how they would pair with the meal.

I later spoke to Sarah, owner of First and South, reminiscing about some of the dishes from their earlier menu and things that Chef Taylor is doing now. This is definitely a restaurant worth checking out.  There are a few events coming up, including Greenport’s Maritime Festival, so stay tuned for more information. At one point, Sarah pointed out the garden along the side of the restaurant. It was mint and was happily sacrificed for all their mojitos. Talk about sourcing local.First_and_South-20140811-67

First_and_South-20140811-71-2After the food was consumed and the sky darkened, the heaters were turned on and the restaurant took on a new personality as the next round of diners started coming in. I asked one of the waitresses about dessert, interested only in a recommendation. What I ate was described as a deconstructed s’mores: Rich flowerless chocolate cake, toasted marshmallows, and a graham cracker crust. The perfect end to my meal in Greenport on a Monday evening, and just as we might expect the sidewalks to roll up, the live music in the park was just getting started and the “sleepy fishing town” on the North Fork was truly coming alive.

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