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There’s always that moment in the movie when you pause and think, “I wish my life were like that.”

Then there are those moments in life that blow those movies away.


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The Riverhead Project (tRP) excels at events that are great experiences.  On Tuesday evening North-Forks shared a table with forty-odd other strangers and other future friends to celebrate the end of summer “Wine Project”.  The Wine Project is a Tuesday evening event at tRP that involves wine and food.  The chef makes a multi-course meal and the wine purveyor brings the wine, but the two do not coordinate ahead of time, creating unconventional and eclectic pairings.  This being the last of summer, tRP blew it out of the water.  Wine was provided by Martin Scott Wines, oils and vinegars by Vines & Branches, and food was served family style.

It’s a long table, in this case seating about 40, set up outdoors.  The weather cooperated so that there was no discerning the outdoors from indoors.  Each course arrived on large plates to be shared by small groups who were largely strangers to one another.  During the evening we befriended two couples from Hoboken who were vacationing on the North Fork, an actress from the West Coast, and a few others who were relatively more local.


The Wine Project

Food was plentiful and delicious, and our host of the evening, the owner of tRP, Dennis McDermott, was gracious as ever.  It seems he enjoys these experiences of sharing created moments with his patrons as much as anyone else at that table.  Multiple toasts were made during the evening, both to the party at large, but also to the restaurant, the owner, the revitalization of Riverhead, and the arrival of the North Fork as a destination for oenophiles, foodies, day-trippers, and vacationers.

The Riverhead Project hosts The Wine Project every Tuesday evening beginning at 7PM. Regular, non-season-ending events are often smaller and more intimate.  Wines are chosen by different guest hosts each week, often on a rotating basis.  Reservations are required, so please call ahead.  North-Forks hopes to see you there!




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