Post it OopsWe at North-Forks are doing our best to keep the information on our site, in our posts and tweets accurate and up to date.  This means that there may be instances that there are errors or cancellations that aren’t corrected in time.  In advance: We’re sorry.  By using this website and all additional information we provide, you acknowledge this possibility and agree to be understanding and not hold us at fault.

We are not related to any winery, restaurant, or brewery, nor do we purport to represent them in any way.  We don’t intend to show any one business favoritism, but we are just people and will always have preferences and opinions that cloud our judgment.

If you know of an event or news pertaining to wineries, restaurants, and/or breweries and think it may be of use to us, or would like North-Forks to write about your event, please contact us right away.

We at North-Forks work very hard and spend a considerable amount of time preparing and compiling the information on this site.  Please feel free to give us proper credit for any information you use on your own site.  Better yet, link directly to our content! 

If you own one of the businesses we feature on our site and would like us to stop, please contact us.  Our goal is to promote the North Fork and help, but we understand if you’d rather have exclusive control.  Of course, if it’s just a matter of wording we’re happy to discuss the matter with you.

If you would like to advertise on North-Forks, please contact us to discuss terms and fees.  While we at North-Forks will do our best to vet potential advertisers, we are not responsible for their claims or actions; however, we will remove advertisers who violate our policies or commit acts of fraud.

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Most importantly, please enjoy our Fork.  Do so safely and respectfully.

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