Sparkling Smackdown (and other great events)

Sparkling Pointe Winery has a full slate of fantastic events to keep you busy this winter.

Louis Roederer’s Cristal, Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon, and Armand de Brignac’s Ace of Spades. Three Champagnes that are arguably some of the most sought after, most famous in Brut Seduction, Sparkling Pointe, Sparkling Smackdownthe world. Ever drink them? Ever drink them all in the same afternoon? If you attended Sparkling Pointe’s Tête de Cuvée last January (2014) you did. Each was paired with a light bite, and each was presented alongside a glass of méthode champenoise wine from Sparkling Pointe’s own cellar.

At first glance it wouldn’t appear to be a fair fight; comparing Moet & Chandon’s flagship champagne to a bubbly grown here on the North Fork might at first seem like a prize fight between the heavyweight champ and a middle-schooler. What everyone present learned that day is that some middle-schoolers have moves! Sparkling Pointe’s méthode champenoise wines held their ground, in some cases proved equal or superior—at least according to the palates of those present and the three-judge panel. Their 2005 Brut Seduction recently won best sparkling wine at the New York State Wine and Food Classic, and scored a 91 with Wine Enthusiast.

Since when does a local wine stand up to the big boys of France? Maybe it’s time to rethink local wines—just because they’re grown in our backyard doesn’t immediately mean they are of less quality than some of the most famous wines of France.

Sparkling Pointe was October’s Wine Club of The Month here on North-Forks, and this winter will show why when their club is concerned, membership has its benefits: All of their events are released to the public only after being offered exclusively to members of their Signature Wine Club.

Beginning November 29th and continuing every Saturday until December 27th, Sparkling Point will throw their “Eat, Drink, Be Sparkling” event. Each Saturday will  feature a different méthode champenoise wine paired with a dish prepared especially by a local chef:


  • Saturday, November 29 – Winter Truffles with The Petulant Wino
    • $40 per person includes glass of 2005 Brut Seduction and Winter Truffle Tasting
    • Grilled cheese with truffled pecorino, wild mushroom fricassee, ricotta gnocchi, short rib, black truffle butter.


  • Saturday, December 6 – Champagne Brunch with Jedediah Hawkins Inn
    • $60 for two includes one 2009 Brut 375ml half bottle and Champagne Brunch
    • New York bagel, herb cream cheese, house cured smoked lox, crème fraiche, pickled red onion, house cured bacon, hash browns.



  • Saturday, December 20 – Sushi with Blue Canoe
    • $25 per person includes glass of 2011 Brut and Sushi Roll Assortment
    • Chuka calamari salad, 4 piece California roll, 4 piece spicy tuna roll, shrimp & yellowtail nigiri.


  • Saturday, December 27 – Seafood Tower with Noah’s
    • $80 for two includes glasses of 2010 Blanc de Blancs and Raw Seafood Tower
    • 4 clams, 4 oysters, 4 shrimp, bay scallop ceviche, half lobster

On Sunday, December 7 from 2-5PM, Sparkling Pointe will have their Holiday Opera Concert, hosted by Belle Voci to put you in the holiday spirit. Belle Voci are Kathryn Zukowski and Dana Kowalsick who will spend the evening singing operatic holiday classics and standards. $20 for this event also comes with a glass of Brut.

In January, Sparkling Pointe will also be hosting their Signature Wine Club Post Holiday Party. Currently there are no details for this member’s only event, but it looks to be a dinner and dance party.

Let’s not forget, Sparkling Pointe is hosting their 4th Annual Tête de Cuvée Grand Tasting Event on Saturday, January 24th from 6-8PM. Tête de Cuvée roughly translates to the best of the barrel and demonstrates by comparison the extremely high quality of wines being produced here on Long Island. They haven’t yet released which amazing méthode champenoise wines and Champagnes they will be squaring off against, but I would count on them being wines that alone would make this event worthwhile. The event is $115 per person and will probably culminate with Gilles Martin, Sparkling Pointe’s winemaker, demonstrating how to properly open a bottle of sparkling wine with a saber, yes, a saber. Wine club members will be able to purchase tickets to this event before they are offered to the public.

Summer is over and yet it seems that winter at Sparkling Pointe will be as busy as ever. Eat, Drink, Be Sparkling, Tête de Cuvée, Belle Voci’s Holiday Concert, and the member exclusive Post Holiday Party will get anyone through the winter, and they have not yet released their February events!


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