Sparkling Pointe Warms Winter

This has been an interesting winter, to say the least. Autumn was wonderful, a little rain and mostly moderate temperatures into January. Then the blizzard came and we’ve been adding to the snow with near weekly regularity. This sort of weather is what keeps people from going out, as they only visit the store for French toast supplies on the eve of each forecast storm. At least that’s what we assume is behind the sudden purchases of milk, eggs, and bread.Sparkling Pointe-04-Jason Nadler

Here at North-Forks, our winter experience has been much the same. Stay inside and nest! That is, until today. With another storm (in session as I draft this post) pending, we ventured out to Sparkling Pointe. It’s their pickup weekend for their Signature Club Members. As with everything Sparkling Pointe does, they made it special, adding the opportunity to pair four small bites with each of this shipment’s wines. Rick, the wine club manager, prepared the bites to ensure each spoke to the sparkling wine with which it was paired.

In the coming weeks, Sparkling Pointe is also launching their “Sparkling Wine and Cheese Tour of the World”. Each week will feature cheese from a different country paired with a flight of Sparkling Pointe.

Historically March is the month when spring arrives, that whole lion-lamb thing. Using that assumption, when the urge to hibernate abates, I urge you to the North Fork. Avoid the summer crowds, explore and enjoy. In addition to Sparkling Pointe’s events, March wraps up live music with Live On The Vine, making March a great time to enjoy and explore the Fork.


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