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Please Note: These are Members Only Events:

Hot Wines to Watch with Gloria Maroti Frazee (FT/E)

Saturday, August 11th, 5 PM

First Growth Bordeaux may get a lot of attention, but there are fabulous wines from great winemakers, and exciting regions that you

should know about. This evening will introduce you to some of the up and coming stars of the wine world. You may have read and

wondered about some of these wines, but there will also be a couple extremely stellar under-the-radar and small lot selections. Expand

your horizons, and indulge your palate.

$75 for members and their guests

Extracting the Expression; Site Specific Wines in the Age of Fire and Fury with winemaker Christopher Nicolson (CR)

Saturday, August 18th, 5 PM

The 21st Century is fraught with noise, chaos, and uncertainty. Making truly great wine requires time, deep thought, and careful

consideration of the land, fruit, and one’s work in the cellar; activities that may seem the antithesis of our daily lives. This evening

will present six wines that will make you want to lose your smart phone in favor of 90 minutes to contemplate the moment.

$65 for members and their guests



Reservations are required for all events, and can be made in our online wine shop (see above). Just log in as a returning customer/wine club member, enter the email associated with your wine club account, then enter your password (if you forgot we’ll send you a new one). Then just click on the events you’d like to attend. Easy! 

Note that if your event is sold out, click “notify me when this becomes available” and you’ll be on the wait list.  Events are available exclusively to members and their guests. Non-members will not see the events listed on the wine shop page.

We strongly suggest that you forgo your complimentary member’s tasting before a wine-focused event so you’ll arrive with a fresh palate. Thank you!

Reservation cancellations must be made a week prior to the event to avoid being charged.

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