Pellegrini Vineyards September 2016 Events

Symphony Sundays with 99 Key Verbeeck Concert Organ

Come experience a piece of history only at Pellegrini Vineyards. These organs first appeared in Europe and America around 1900 in dance halls, fairgrounds, amusement pavilions and much more! This is a self contained orchestral pipe organ, with 99 keys and 21 registers! Carved and painted by hand,  the creator of the Pellegrini Vineyards 99 key concert organ was Johnny Verbeeck of Antwerp, Belgium. The Verbeeck family is recognized as one of the world’s premier builders and restorers of the organs since 1884. We are honored to be able to display a true example of a treasure from the past and so make available the experience of mechanical music performed with full, rich and harmonious tones in a manner that reflects a time of exuberance, elegance and grace.

All Dates, 2-3 PM

September 11 & 25

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