PawPaw Pop-Up Returns!

If you’re not sure what PawPaw Pop-Up is all about, be sure to check out our original post from last year when PawPaw first popped up.

Some things have changed this year, and we want people to be aware:

PawPaw is now on Saturdays. There is a 6PM and an 8PM seating. The menu consists of a total of 10 courses for $55 per person. Some menu items may have an additional supplement charge. Wine and beer is available, or you can bring your own for a $20 corkage.

The couple behind PawPaw, chef Taylor Knapp and photographer Katelyn Luce are there cooking, serving and answering your questions.

It’s difficult to explain what PawPaw is all about without visuals, so below is a photo of the menu and each course. Everything you’ll eat is either locally farmed, fished or foraged. Flavors are nothing like you’d expect, like campfire butter which tastes of that delightful smell of a distant campfire on a clear summer evening, or beet salad where the beets are sliced thin but crisp, decorated with a bouquet of spring flowers, all edible.

But enough with the words…. We can only show you what it looks like. You’ll have to taste for yourself! For reservations, contact PawPaw Pop-Up. Seats are filling up fast, so do not wait and book in advance!












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