North-Forks One Year Anniversary

One year ago, just as the summer reached the half-way point, we found ourselves frustrated by having to go to so many different websites just to figure out what was going on over the weekend. We felt it was unnecessary to visit dozens of different websites just to plan a day out with friends. Frustrated by not having a single go-to site for all events, our complaints of “Someone should…” were answered by our friends with “Who better than you?”

It’s our belief that you don’t have a problem until you have a solution. Well, we had the solution, so we conceded that the lack of a unified event calendar was a problem. It took a few days to iron out the details (what would we cover? would we offer reviews?) and we decided to limit our topics to those things we enjoy. Thus grapes, hops, and plates became our categories. Additionally, we realized that everyone has different tastes, so rather than review we decided that it was more important to be a guide and allow people to decide for themselves.

We reached out to a few wineries we knew and discussed what we were looking to do and asked for their input. Almost immediately, everyone was on board. Then I had to teach myself how to build a website.

And North-Forks was born.

It’s been a lot of work to keep the site up to date, but it has also been very rewarding. Meeting people who know the site or hearing from friends who have been using it and weren’t aware North-Forks was us are joyful moments. We love the North Fork of Long Island and we love the atmosphere and lifestyle. North-Forks was our way to give back, but also a way to do our part in promoting what we love. From an upcoming interview that hasn’t yet been published, “No one tore down a condo to put in a winery.” Once these things are gone, they’re gone for good. Getting people to visit, explore and support will only make the North Fork community stronger and keep it beautiful.

The North-Forks website is our baby, and it has turned one this summer. Please help us celebrate. Leave a comment or tell a friend. Recommend the site to friends on Facebook and Twitter (and the real world). Tell your favorite winery, brewery or restaurant you found them because of North-Forks. Most importantly, come out to the North Fork and see what it’s all about. You can always find things to do by checking with North-Forks!

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