North-Forks Gasps in shock

Closed for good.

We at North-Forks are stunned.  Stunned I say.

A few days ago we got wind that the Riverhead Project (tRP) was closed due to a few minor business glitches.  We will leave reporting the facts to the news, but word is now that the restaurant is closed for good.  Click for the article.

We can go on about how sad this is because how much we enjoyed the restaurant, but on a larger note, it’s troubling for Riverhead.  No one said the revitalization of downtown would be quick or easy, but it has come a long way with long yet to go.  The loss of an upscale restaurant like tRP is unfortunate not just for the loss of the experience of dining there but because it creates another empty storefront.

There’s still great food to be had in Riverhead, and that is what we will focus on rather than this loss.  Diggers looks like a great old neighborhood pub, and their burgers are amazing, but one look and taste of their specials menu shows that something great is going on in the kitchen.  Turkauz Grill recently received glowing reviews by the NY Times.  Tweeds is fantastic, part bar, part restaurant, it is both upscale and casual at the same moment.  The old Athens grill is due to reopen in a few months, literally reborn of flames.  The amazing thing is that all these restaurants, and many others, are all within a few feet of one another.  We haven’t even mentioned the other restaurants that are a quick drive from Main Street like Bistro 72.

We may have lost a fantastic restaurant with the closure of the Riverhead Project, but Riverhead remains a dining capital on the East End.  It’s a great place to have a mean as you head out or return home from the North Fork.

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