North Fork Table

It is always difficult to report bad news, and at North-Forks, we try our best to see a silver lining in everything.

The four founders of the North Fork Table and Inn and the Lunch Truck have announced that they have put their property up for sale and will close the restaurant once they have a buyer.

As difficult as it was to hear, we at North-Forks completely understand and raise our glasses for the amazing run of success they have had, brining a level of fine dining usually reserved for high-end Manhattan restaurants to the North Fork.  Gerry Hayden, the James Beard thrice-nominated executive chef was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, and his restaurant partners decided that if he can no longer be in the kitchen, neither can they.

For the foreseeable future, however, the restaurant that Gerry Hayden, Claudia Fleming, and Mike and Mary Mraz created will be open Thursday through Monday for dinner and brunch on the weekends.  It is a bittersweet opportunity presented to us all, to know that we still have the opportunity to enjoy the North Fork Table.

If you’ve never been – go.  If you’ve been – go back.  Enjoy the food, have the experience, and thank the staff for an exquisite time.


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