Midweek Update – September 10th, 2014

It’s that middle-of-the-week day, and there’s so much to talk about!

The North Fork Wine Region once again received nationwide – if not worldwide props in Forbes magazine, a new winery is in the works, and a beloved restaurant closed.

Jamesport MapForbes published their “5 New Wine Destinations” list, and Jamesport was one of them.  While they site the entire North Fork Wine Trail (NFWT), Jamesport was singled out because of their selection of wineries and restaurants: Jamesport Vineyards, Sherwood House, Clovis Point, and Diliberto, with Jedediah Hawkins as the place to stay, eat, and explore.  Speak-easy bar?  Where else would you hang out?  Most wine people know Napa, Sonoma, and the Willamette Valley.  This article, while only focusing on Jamesport, points out the North Fork as formidable a wine region as we locals know it to be.  And truth be told, while Jamesport certainly deserves all the props the article delivers (and then some), the same could be said for nearly any town along the NFWT.  Mattituck or Greenport also meet the criteria of great wineries, restaurants, and places to stay.  We’re  just saying that the entire length of the NFWT is an amazing place to visit.  The North Fork is gaining the recognition it deserves.


The Northforker (an east end paper) reports that the eastern-most winery, Tuscan Vineyards, is in the works.  Although perhaps two years away from a grand opening, they’re already selling their grapes as they plan and build their facilities.  This is a great development, as Tuscan Vineyards is already looking at tourism from Connecticut as a draw, as well as those brave North Fork souls who understand that Orient really isn’t all that far away.  We wish them great success and look forward to their Grand Opening.

the-riverhead-project-dining-roomIn what gave North-Forks a true double-take, the Riverhead Project temporarily closed it’s doors.  Whaaat?  A recent change in incorporation blah-blah-blah rendered their liquor license and tax ID invalid.  Once they have corrected all the corporate blah-blah’s, they plan to re-open with a party… Of course.  How else do you re-open such a place?  North-Forks for one is looking forward to that event, and anticipates it happening soon.Lieb

There’s one more thing we want to mention: in addition to all this weekend’s events, North-Forks would like to single out two.  No, this isn’t favoritism, it’s North-Forks making sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.  It’s Lieb Cellar’s Tasting Group Harvest Party on Saturday the 13th from 5-8PM!  Event details are on the calendar.  It’s September, Harvest, Party.  Three things that go with any kind of wine, especially in September!  Also on Saturday is the 25th Anniversary Merlot Classic at Lenz Winery from 5:30-8PM.  In addition to many local merlot wines, there will be nearly 300 merlots from all over the world to taste and explore.

Those are two great events to have to choose between attending.  This weekend is clearly not to be missed!

So tell us, what are your North Fork plans?



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