Lieb WineMakers Series – A Winter Alternative

In the coming months, fewer people will consider the wineries as a destination because of the weather. In short, cold and vineyards aren’t foremost in most people’s minds as something to do. These seem to be warm weather activities, but to think this way is to truly miss out on some of the most exciting events at the wineries. The wineries are a great place to visit when the weather is keeping people indoors. The tasting rooms are less busy, so the tasting experience provides you with a much more relaxing atmosphere, with one-on-one time with the tasting room staff, who are more than happy to discuss the wines you’re drinking. It’s amazing how much more expressive a wine can seem when you’re not in a loud room. With no rush for space, you can really focus on each wine. Additionally, the wineries are tailor events to be indoors. Some offer special pairings, some offer educational experiences where you can learn more about local wines and become a more educated consumer. If you have more than a passing interest in wines, the “off season” is really a fantastic time to come out and experience what happens between harvest and release. In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about several of these events from different wineries.

Outside of Premium Wine Group for the WineMakers SeriesThe Tasting Group, run by Lieb Cellars and attached to the Premium Wine Group in Mattituck on Cox Lane, is hosting such a forum, a monthly Winemakers Series of lectures and tastings featuring some of the wine makers who produce wine in conjunction with The Tasting Group. Basically, The Tasting Group is a place where winemakers can come, purchase grapes, and make smaller runs of wine using the facilities here rather than making the investment themselves or having to open a winery.

You can expect to learn about making white wine from red grapes, why certain Chardonnay tastes buttery, as well as more personal facts from each wine maker. The events will consist of a tour of the Premium Wine Group, which is usually closed to the public, a wine tasting and discussion by the wine maker, and artisanal meats, cheeses, and gourmet snacks in the barrel room to close the event.

The first Winemaker Series is on Saturday, November 22nd from 3-5PM and features Alie Shaper of Brooklyn Oenology. Alie’s topic is “The Grapes of New York”, and she will discuss working with New York grapes, how and why she chooses certain varietals, among other insights.

Admission is $50 per person, $35 if you are a member of the Tasting Group Wine Club. Seating is limited, so purchase in advance. Topics of the future events haven’t been released yet, but based upon the background of the winemakers, will definitely be interesting and informative, and can be found on our calendar.

The upcoming events and their planned dates are:


December 6th: Russell Hearn of T’Jara Vineyards

January 24th: John Leo of Leo Family Cellars

February 22nd: Erik Bilka of Influence Wines

March 21st: John Leo of Onabay Vineyards

April 25th: Susan Hearn of SUHRU Wines



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