Kon Tiki is one of Greenport’s Hidden Gems

Imagine if you wanted to build the perfect gem of a restaurant. What are its must haves? You’d probably say really good, interesting food and beverages, a personality that helps it stand out, great service…. What if you checked all those boxes but realized you forgot one thing: A sign. Any evidence that this theoretical gem of a restaurant exists. What if that was a choice?

No signs here!

Opened over two years as of writing, in the Gallery Hotel at 437 Main St, Greenport, NY 11944 , it is definitely a restaurant all its own. Korean Chicken Lollipops is just one example of a dish with unusual heritage. In addition to being unusual, they are all incredibly artfully plated and presented. You can tell that care went into your meal.

Inside, the tropical, Polynesian decor feels appropriately kitschy, just tongue-in-cheek enough to set the mood and give you an idea what might be coming next.

When you’re done eating, Kon Tiki isn’t done with surprises. Hidden behind the restaurant and hotel is a grassy courtyard, perfect for an after dinner drink or a little dessert.

There are many restaurants of merit in Greenport, but Kon Tiki should be on everyone’s list of places to explore.

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