Harvest East End, 2015

Harvest East End is just days away. Do you have your tickets? If not, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve got your tickets, go find some other post to read. If you’re still on the fence or this is the first time you’re hearing about “Harvest”, read on!

Isn’t harvest in September? Why throw the party now?

True, Harvest begins in September and goes through October, but harvest is such a busy time for all involved that pausing to celebrate just isn’t realistic, so better to celebrate harvest before it happens, when expectations are high and there is hope out there, just hanging ripe on the vine.

Are the wineries, breweries and restaurants that participate excited about it or is it just another “trade show” to them?

Excited? Are you kidding? What better way to prepare than by having a huge party to celebrate the possibilities that lay ahead. Out on the East End, Harvest East End is THE celebration. Everyone comes out to show off their newest releases, to chat with other people in the industry and to give the public a sample of what they’ve got going on.

Okay, so I’m going to Harvest East End. What do you recommend?

Say hello to everyone. Have a favorite winery (or 20)? Stop by and say hello. Visit the wineries you have been meaning to visit. Chat with the staff if they’re free, but try their wine. Restaurants and breweries will be there too, so do the same. Haven’t visited a restaurant but thought about it? Harvest affords you an opportunity to sample an appetizer or dish prepared especially for the day. The same with the breweries. They will have a few beers to taste. See what you think. It should go without saying, drink responsibly: no one will ever tell you not to spit out your wine or beer sample. In fact, spitting will allow you to taste twice as much without getting obliterated.

What does Harvest East End mean to the community?

Visiting the North Fork is very different from living here. Harvest is the moment we wait for all year. Harvest is like a reality show where the drama is very real because one bad storm can turn the season on a dime. It’s also the start of Autumn, when the heat breaks, the leaves turn, and the whole world seems to hold its breath before winter comes (Winter is coming!). Harvest East End is that moment when the East End gets together to celebrate possibility.

Is there anything else?

Sure. There are auctions, items for sale, awards. Your generosity helps local charities.

Have we convinced you yet?

Just get your tickets. Tell everyone you meet that North-Forks sent you, and perhaps we’ll see you there!

Click here to get your tickets.

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