About North-Forks

Jason LauraNorth-Forks was brought about by our deep love of the North Fork of Long Island.

Living here, it becomes very easy to forget that you live in a vacation paradise.  People come here from all over the world to experience what we have in our backyards.  We found that it’s very easy to forget this as you’re sitting in traffic on a Friday afternoon trying to get home from work or on a Saturday morning to get some eggs.  Of course, you get your eggs from a cooler on a table in a shady driveway and put your money in a can.  Sometimes the eggs are so fresh, well, let’s just say they’re still warm.  After breakfast, you take a drive to a winery and the tasting room manager recognizes you and comes over to say hello because you come here frequently.  There’s a band playing and the singer waves to you because you make a habit of trying to see her where ever she’s playing locally because you enjoy her sound.  A lazy fan pushes the breeze, fresh off the Sound and through the vineyard, and you settle into your chair with a cool glass of wine and wonder, “is there a better way to spend a Saturday?”

North-Forks is run by Jason and Laura Nadler, North Fork residents for over fifteen years.  When they’re not enjoying the North Fork, Jason is the head of marketing and sales operations for a Motorola partner and a local firefighter. Laura owns a consulting firm specializing in healthcare and tech.  They live with their two indoor cats, and enjoy travel, wine, and building memories together.


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