1920’s Dress with FoodBar Style

Transport yourself to the 1920’s with a 5-course meal, paired with beer or wine. Dressing up is optional, but highly recommended.

Dining Room

Dining Room


Tucked on a busy residential street in Wading River, looking not unlike a house itself, you will find Michael Anthony’s FoodBar. Inside you’ll find a welcoming space, decorated with friendly touches and a staff that recognizes regulars and treats newcomers with the knowledge that they will soon be regulars.

Michael Anthony is a remarkably charismatic executive chef whose history extends back to Michael Anthony’s on Shelter Island and Collins and Main in Sayville before that. He has labeled his food “New American Creative Cuisine”, and his menu certainly speaks to this label. Foie Gras Ganache Brulee with maple almond jam and Chai Spiced Bacon sage spaghetti squash are two examples of appetizers currently on the menu. Linguini with pistachio cream and Steak Paillard with wasabi cream and grilled kabocha are examples of two mains. For the novice foodie, there are some standards, designed with no less a conscientious mind towards good flavors throughout the dish.

On any given night, Michael comes out of the kitchen and makes his rounds to meet his customers, ask about the food, and just give a little love and chit-chat. He’s a tall celebrity-looking chef. Don’t be fooled, however, the kitchen is his domain. The front of house is ruled by Cassandra, his daughter. She possesses all of Michael Anthony’s charisma in a smaller package. Where she excels as the Queen of the Food Bar is when people put their trust in her. Tell her what you do and don’t like and she will surprise you with menu choices and drink pairings. She thinks out of the box and the only thing not surprising is how good her choices are. That’s what makes this so exciting:

On Thursday, November 20th, at 6:30PM, Cassandra is hosting a Speakeasy Beer Dinner. While the five-course menu is still a secret, what isn’t is the 1920’s theme surrounding this event. Staff will be dressed in spirit, perhaps as flappers or gangsters, and the dishes are being designed around that theme as well. Beer will be supplied by the Speakeasy Beer Company in San Francisco (not exactly a local brew but we forgive them). For those who are beer-adverse, red and white wine will be available, paired as well.

Cassandra will be discussing the dishes and the beverages and explaining her decisions for pairing them. If you’ve never been to a pairing dinner, we at North-Forks heartily recommend them. When everyone shares the same food experience, it opens a dialog about the meal that isn’t common when each person has a different dish. Learning about the food and pairing decisions helps you make those decisions yourself because learning about why you do or don’t like why things go together helps you make better pairing decisions in the future.

1920’s dress is not required, but is recommended. Cassandra is offering everyone in appropriate dress a $20 gift certificate for your next visit. Space is limited so reservations are required.

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